Saqib Keval

Saqib Keval learned the importance of food from his grandmother's hands. Today, he is a chef and community organizer who imagines and supports new food systems. With revolutionary love from the kitchen to the streets, Saqib’s experience is rooted in social justice movement building and political education. Saqib started the People's Kitchen in 2007 as a grassroots organizing project and alternative restaurant model to fine-dining restaurant culture. He trained as a chef in Aix-en-Provence, France and has helped open and manage restaurants throughout California. Saqib is a community organizer with a long history of intersectional grassroots organizing. Working deeply in the food justice field, Saqib spent three years with groundbreaking food justice organization People’s Grocery. He developed and managed the social enterprise incubator program and food justice fellowship. Saqib worked with The Restaurant Opportunities Center as the national manager of the COLORS restaurants located in Detroit and NYC. Focused on decolonization through food, he has presented his work at Stanford University, The University of Oregon, UC Davis and UC Berkeley, and York University in Toronto. Most recently, he and his partner Norma Listman opened the award-winning restaurant project Masala y Maiz in Mexico City.