Episode 1: Rooting For Everybody Black

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Episode 1: Rooting For Everybody Black

By Elena Gross, Jay Katelansky November 17, 2017

A podcast where Elena and Jay, two queer Black women in the Bay Area, talk about art, art crushes, art world gossip, regular gossip, and millennial woes.

Welcome to the what are you looking at? official podcast re-launch! Elena Gross, is now permanently joined by artist and selfie-queen Jay Katelansky as co-host. In this first episode, we’re rooting for everybody Black: that includes breaking down the impact of seeing Solange perform A Seat at the Table live in a crowd full of Black people (and some unfortunate interlopers), to defending the intellectual and emotional labor of Reina Gossett and all the most vulnerable in our communities, and shouting out our favorite Black artists, creators, collectives, and collaborators in the Bay Area!

For more information about how you can support Reina Gossett’s work, follow her on Instagram at @reinaxgosset, and consider donating to her PayPal or Venmo accounts found here: www.reinagossett.com/contribute/.

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