A Toolkit for gathering.

A Toolkit for gathering.

By Rachel Berger December 7, 2020

Let's plan to get together when this is over.

A return to normalcy has been deferred so many times this year. As in other moments of rupture throughout history, we are forced to reconsider what had accepted as normal. It is time to rethink and revision the structures that had not been serving all of us, those that were built to maintain inequity. In this year when gathering has been so unsafe, it has been above all those occasions when the urgency of anger, sadness, and exhaustion have called many to mass demonstrations that have put a fine point on the contemporary imperative to come together.

In California, as we enter another stay at home order, we present A Toolkit for gathering. Not because it is time to gather now, but because it is time to plan more meaningful gatherings for the future. This guide for artists, designers, and other creative professionals was prepared by Rachel Berger, with Meg Bisineer, Sara Dean, and Janette Kim. It was conceived of as they planned and participated in a two-day gathering at the residency program This Will Take Time in Point Arena, California in summer 2019. It was written and designed during a year of deferrals and uncertainty and impossible working conditions, and it comes just in time.

Toolkit: https://files.cargocollective.com/c102675/Toolkit.pdf

Printer-friendly Toolkit: https://files.cargocollective.com/c102675/Toolkit_Printable.pdf

A limited edition of Toolkits will be printed in 2021. Email Rachel Berger (rberger@cca.edu) to learn more and place an order.

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