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LPP in Conversation: William Emmert

By Little Paper Planes March 10, 2015

Studio Sessions offers behind-the-scenes access to artists, writers, curators, and creative individuals through a variety of tête-à-tête conversations that consider the how, and what, and where of making art. Studio Sessions are presented as interviews, profiles, and studio visits through text, photo essays, and videos.

LPP in Conversation visits Bay Area artists in their studios and project sites to explore the research, readings, obsessions, and inspiration they use to inform their practice.

William Emmert’s work risks being unnoticed in his own studio—life-size objects, from house keys to a stepladder, sculpted only with paint and paper—and its quietness is both impressive and a little disturbing. Emmert examines the tools he needs to make work, and, in an honest acknowledgement of the impasse artists often feel in their studios, makes work in the form of those tools. They’re there, and they’re a start.

William showed us work in progress at his Oakland studio in preparation for a solo show at Guerrero Gallery and a show open now at Alter Space, and talked with us about his materials and process, and the hard work of showing up in studio, day after day.

William Emmert is from Seattle, Washington. He received his MFA from California College of the Arts and is based in Oakland. William Emmert and Joey Enos: Practice in Paradise was recently on view at Alter Space Gallery in San Francisco. He is represented by Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco.

William Emmert. Regrets, 2015; hand-sewn felt on paper stretcher bars. Courtesy of the Artist.


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Apart from making videos, Jon Brown is an aspiring semi-professional whistler. He also has too many keys on his keychain.

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