Episode 9: Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo


Episode 9: Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

By Weston Teruya April 28, 2017

Weston Teruya welcomes artists, arts administrators, and cultural workers of color to get real about their lives, practices, and careers. Each episode is an in-depth look into how art gets made, but more importantly how these folks are seeing to the system of art’s (UN)making.

In this episode, we talk with artist, curator, and activist Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo about reflecting the urgency of protest through text-based works, exploring the history of blue, self-organizing a creative research tour across the country with her mother, and creating Nook Gallery in her apartment kitchen. You can follow Lukaza’s work on Instagram and Twitter at @bluekaza and her website: lukazabranfman-verissimo.com. Nook Gallery is on Instagram at @nook_gallery and Facebook at @NookArtGallery.


Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo has had solo exhibitions at Lago Projects in Oakland, E.M. Wolfman in Oakland and Bolivar Gallery in Los Angeles. She has also exhibited and performed work at Osaka Art University, Highways Performance space, Richmond Art Center, New York University, Southern Exposure and the Berkeley Art Museum. Branfman-Verissimo  is a member of the CTRL + SHFT Collective and the founder and lead curator at Nook Gallery in Oakland, CA.

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